034As you notice, I incorporate different Dominant personas.  Domme Kim, the more traditionally leather clad Dominatrix, Madame Medicine – for my medical themed roles, The Matriarch, for Domestic Discipline, and The Babysitter for the ABDL fans.

Being in this business for over 25 years I have tailored my scope, as my passion is true Domestic Discipline and age play . Whether it is in the realm of role play, or for the more serious student.  I will continue to offer my harsher roles, but my belief in structure, discipline and punishment is my primary  focus, along with those of you that need the more nurturing side of  being a ‘little’.

With my years of experience I can guide and challenge you, and  will illuminate your session with my creative abilities.  I can be very feminine at times, as I pride myself in being a woman. I enjoy being playful in the right moment, but, do not let this fool you because if you are a bad, bad boy, I will punish you, and you will like it.

Fantasy fulfillment is erotica, and is one of my specialties. I will do my best to insure that your time spent with Me is creative and satisfying. In this realm, there are many possibilities… There are boundaries as my offerings are the realm of true Domination, not escorting. Always. You are big boys and you understand this. I am not the girl in the yellow pages – this is NOT bedroom Domination!  I am however, an addicting essence, and your time will be well spent, and your knees will be weak when I am done with you!