I expect you to be polite and respectful, this includes when you telephone me. Pleeeease, no “hey, wassup?”

I expect you to be honest about your fantasy session, without hidden agendas as I have no tolerance for these types of games.

I expect that you will be well groomed, INSIDE as well as out.

I expect that you will be punctual. If you arrive early or if you will be tardy, I expect a prompt call immediately. I book all appointments according to schedule and a lack of respect of my time will not be tolerated. My Florida location is a rental space, so time is scheduled accordingly.  If you are late it will cut into your time here, so please be on time. Please note my Florida page for more information.

I expect that the proper tribute is given prior to the session, please don’t make me ask.


It is my responsibility to insure a rewarding session. I will query you about your likes, dislikes, pain threshold, specific fantasy and expectations.

It is my responsibility to insure a sterile environment. All devices are cleaned and sterilized after each session.  This includes all bondage devices, toys, enhancements, etc.  All of my outfits are clean, shoes immaculate.  Good worship means sterility, and cleanliness.

I expect proper decorum while in my presence. I am a good listener, approachable, and can be easy going with great understanding, but decorum will always be maintained.