The Babysitter

Do you need Mommy?   Nanny is supervising now!  Governess in charge or do you want a visit with Auntie?

For you boys or girls who are ‘littles’, those diaper lovers, I am here to babysit you, baby you, play with you, scold you if needed and how I love to spoil you. Auntie loves to play dress up, “how adorable”, I shall relax with a glass of wine while you play at my feet with your toys before feeding time.  Now, “up in your highchair little one it’s time I feed you… what a mess!”  Baby needs a bubble bath, diaper change, then lay across my lap for your bottle or pacifier while I read you a bedtime story.

For those boys in adolescence, don’t think Auntie doesn’t notice you taking sneak peeks up my skirt or looking where you aren’t suppose to be.  I will take you  down a peg or two so you remember your place.

For those grown men who remember the days of girdles, seamed stockings and tight pencil skirts, I know how you truly long to be that little baby boy again, a time when you felt safe and comforted.

It’s time to take you by the hand back to that comforting space where all you needed was to be taken care of.  Not that little boy’s don’t need a scolding or to be taken over my lap for a reminder spanking, but all done because I care, I am always watching out for my little nephew.

ABDL  I understand  this is your truth which I embrace.  I consider this a very unique bond with you.  You may wish to role play a bit,  but I realize that ultimately it is about you feeling safe and nurtured.