Distance Training




Don’t think this is vacation time naughty boys, you STILL NEED to be held accountable, you STILL NEED to remain focused, I will HAVE your attention, so you don’t slip back into bad behavior.

NEED someone to share your secrets with? Someone to talk to about your most deliciously decadent thoughts? Auntie Kim is here should you need you need to confide in me. If you want, we can play dress up. Maybe it’s time for some stern yet loving correction, I know how much you crave it?

BABY SITTING services are available, I have many ways to keep young minds occupied before changing that diaper and tucking you in for a nap.

Advanced appointment suggested.  This is NOT text or phone sex, there are sites out there for that, this is guiding and instructional. Could I instruct you in this manner, quite possibly, just remember, I expect all messes to be cleaned up properly.

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