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Privately owned with over 30 years of experience.

Dr/Nurse Kim Payne MD

I do not have a medical license; this is medically themed role play. And I honor and respect those in the Medical Profession who have sacrificed years to receive their medical degree.

My clinic is equipped to conduct most forms of medical examinations, using various techniques and stimuli. Prior to your appointment, you will be queried as to what you came to see the Nurse/Doctor for. Keeping in mind, that good health and discipline, are fundamental to maintain optimal balance in your busy life. A series of questions will be asked to determine which procedures will be necessary to treat your condition.

Any of the following therapies, may be incorporated during your examination.

Thorough rectal exam using a variety of insertions, urethral insertions and exam, behavior modification, using whatever means necessary: restraints, hoods, gags, corporal punishments. Electrical therapy, medical and fetish interrogation may be needed to interpret any underlying problems.

ladykim-med-02When your evaluation is complete, it will be decided whether you shall need to schedule an appointment with the Doctor or Nurse. I can be as attentive as Florence Nightingale, with a sensitive and caring bedside manner, or I can be Florence Nightmare, your darkest dream unleashed. Perhaps Nasty Nurse is your dream come true? I have the skill and attire to make you wish you took better care of your health.

So, time to take My Medicine. ALL MY BAD MEDICINE!

Gynecological Appointments

Offered in My clinic are gynecology appointments for sissies. It has been noted that too many of you are long overdue for your examinations.

Examinations will be thorough, and complete, with special attention of those sensitive girly parts.  “The gown opens in the back, legs in stirrups please, the cold you feel is the speculum, the gel is a bit cool.”    “Be still or you will be bound and gagged!”

Madame Medicine’s Clinic

  • Gynecology Table with stirrups modified for suspension and various bondage positions.
  • Vintage dentist chair modified for CBTladykim-med-07
  • Spanking bench
  • Various size rectal tubes and nozzles
  • Rosebud Stainless Steel Urethral Sounds
  • Speculum
  • Cupping suction, different styles
  • Forceps, shaving supplies, thermometers, blood pressure gauge, stethoscope, tapes, gauze, ace bandages.
  • Vibrators and many sizes of anal toys
  • Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors!

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