Ever since “50 Shades” hit it big, the dark cat is out of the bag, and BDSM is no longer underground, we have gone mainstream. TV shows, books, talk shows, movies, it’s out there, so if you are reading this, you have an interest.

I have been a Dominatrix for over 30 years. Yes, I freely admit to being over 50 (and I love it!) Working with couples is not new to me, I enjoy teaching as well as role playing. I understand you have many concerns, safety, anonymity, discretion, cleanliness, and someone who is compassionate, intuitive, to name a few. Taking all this into consideration, I approach this in a different way then I normally would when I see ‘gentlemen only’. We will discuss where your comfort level is and decide how to begin. We could begin over cocktails or dinner, of course, I would suggest the appropriate ‘under attire’ or we can meet in your home, or a location of your choosing, whatever makes you comfortable.

Couples come to me in a variety of ways, Dom/sub, sub/sub, switches, or not sure yet, we will figure this out, together. There is so much to choose from regarding toys and equipment, it’s mind boggling. You have questions such as, “where do I get this, how do I order this, what company sells the ‘good stuff’, as opposed to the ‘not so good stuff’, where do we play, what type of events are there? You may want help making a play space in your home, I can help with that, there is a variety of ways to hide things from prying eyes.

Let me be Your HAND.  Are you a Dom who wishes to send their sub/toy for discipline, instruction, or just another approach?  Let me be Your Hand.  We will discuss what you are looking to accomplish, then send them to me, male or female.  This can be especially helpful if you often travel and keeping up with the demands of a sub/slave can be difficult…..and they ‘slip’ so easily into bad patterns.  I do offer my play space if couples wish to play alone although I will be in the other room, privacy assured.

Ladies, men have dominated visiting ‘Us’,  now….it’s your turn!  Whether you are single or a couple, don’t be shy, I am approachable.