132 (3)This poem was given to me by an adorable sissy slave of mine. I would like to share this with all the little sissy sluts and  hope you will receive the same enjoyment from this as I did.

My Cute Little Sissy By Mistress Michelle

Dear little sissy so dainty and cute So sweet, submissive and weak You’ll learn your lessons and serve me well And find the joy that you seek

You know you’re to blame for all of your shame And that’s why you blush so red Your actions confirm what we’ve known all along That sissies are easily led

Your shame is in your panties dear It’s there for all to see That small little wee-wee, so soft and cute Why, you even sit to pee

With that itty-bitty wee-wee dear A man you never can be So, stop trying so hard little sissy pants And leave everything up to me

I’ll do you no harm, but enforce many rules And you’ll always curtsey and thank You’ll obey me well, like a sissy belle If not, your bottom I’ll spank

You’ve asked to serve as My Ladies Maid, My slave, my slut and my toy Mistress will train you well my pet To be my girlie boy

A panty slave you were meant to be A prissy little missy Begging to serve a Ladies needs Like a helpless little sissy

You’ll pamper and bathe and powder me dry And lovingly care for my tresses You’ll learn to massage and manicure too While wearing sweet little dresses

You’ll keep my skin soft with lotions and oils And keep my nails manicured neatly You’ll dress me with care and comb out my hair While always attired so sweetly

Pantied and bra-ed you’ll swish in your heels Petticoats brushing your thighs Lipsticked and rouged you’ll be so cute Mascara enhancing your eyes

Your panties so smooth in front like a Girls Little wee-wee tucked neatly away Your bottom so round and girlishly cute You’ll walk with a swish and a sway

Apronded and dressed, you’ll wait on My guests Perched on your dainty high heels You’ll curtsey and serve, calling everyone  “Miss” Sissy will love how it feels

You’ll mince about in girlish steps Lifting your skirts nice and high While you model your sweet little panties And the garters adorning your thighs

Someone will ask “do sissies wear panties”? She’ll lift your skirts to see Then somebody surly will inquire “So sissies sit to pee”?

“Oh! Yes Miss” You will reply With the sweetest crimson blush “I always lift my skirts and sit, its’ so little that I must”

We’ll all watch with amused delight As you put on your sissy show You’ll look so helpless and silly dear As you dance and you strip so sexy and slow

We’ll laugh and we’ll giggle and tease you no end And play with you just like a toy Your titties we’ll squeeze while pinching your buns We’ll make you cry with joy

We’ll call you by names you love to hear Like “pantywaistz”, “princess” and “doll” You’ll blush as we call you these and more And you’ll curtsey and thank us all

When your sissy show is over dear And I have you all to myself It’s time for other sissy games To play with My pantied elf

These will be our private times Just I and My satin sissy When you’ll provide Me special pleasures My pretty little missy

So listen close little pantywaist To what I have planned for you You’ll love every minute I’m awfully sure Of what we’re going to do

There are some special rules of course For sissy-boys they’re made The most important one my dear Is that sissies don’t get laid

When a Lady wants a cock you see She wants it long and hard And your useless little wee-wee Could never do the job

Your tinkie is just too little dear Too soft and small and squishy A Lady needs a real mans cock To pleasure Her hot, wet pussy

And you’re not a real man, we know that’s true So stop trying so hard my pet Macho just doesn’t work for you Your life as a sissy is set

After this, if you’re good I’ll have another surprise It’s something every sissy loves|
It’ll bring tears to your pretty eyes

I’ll let you suck my “special” cock If you ask me “pretty please” You can show me what a slut you are A pantied little tease

You’ll look so cute with bobbing head As you suck it “balls and all” My little sissy giving head Dressed up like a Barbie doll

When you get it wet and slippery dear We both know what you’ll do You’ll beg to get fucked girlie style And you won’t even care by who

But Mistress will fix Her sissypants And slip it between your buns You’ll squeal and beg and cry for more And I’ll pump till My sissy cums

No need to cry little pantywaist I know what My sissy loves best To play with your cute little wee-wee Tucked away in its silken nest

It’s a silly habit all sissies have And you really can’t be blamed That’s just how a sissy has his fun No need to feel ashamed

You’ll squirm and you’ll wiggle just like a girl And squeal in shameful delight As you diddle away and squirt your juice You’ll make an amusing sight

A weak little pussy born to serve Absolutely no will of your own You’re the perfect little pantywaist And now you’ve found a home

Doesn’t it all sound delightful dear The world I’ll create for you It’s what you’ve always wanted Its what you need to do.

You’ll be My “Fairy” Princess My slave, My slut and My Toy You’ll live the life you’ve dreamed of

My cute little sissy-boy