LadyK-2015-05-31-Corset-n-Cane-tnDOMINATION – As a natural Domme, my power is evident when you crawl into my realm. I utilize all forms of domination to increase the intensity of your session. Slave training is available, as are other submissive activities.

MEDICAL PLAY – This usually involves role play. This can take many forms. I will be attired in a proper nurses uniform, or perhaps naughty nurse uniform. Lots of things can happen in this type of session, +CBT, sounds, spanking, the list goes on. “Have you had your prostate exam lately?”

DISTANCE TRAINING – Even if you can’t come in for a session, discipline must be maintained! Click here to learn more.

CBT – Mixing of pain with pleasure. Can include weights, stretching, clamps, slapping, hot wax, needles, sounds, all done safely and within your limits.

TRAMPLING – With or without shoes. Stilettos, boots, platforms, street shoes.  This is  a favorite of mine. I will crush you to submission, carpet boy.

DEGRADATION & HUMILIATION –  Does not necessarily go hand n hand. I can degrade you like the dog you want to be. To drink from a doggy bowl, or lick the scum off my shoes, or I can humiliate you to do whatever pleases me and embraces you.

FEMINIZATION –  This can be done for humiliation or glorification. you could be bound and gagged and forced to become a slut for sissy training. Or you could blossom under my guidance and aspire to true womanhood.

FANTASY ROLE PLAY – Fantasy role play is one of my specialties. I have many costumes for you to choose from. Your submissive role can be maid, slave, prisoner, student, employee, animal, slut, cuckold husband, medical patient, etc.  My Dominance is counterpart and can be Mistress, Goddess, Trainer, Warden, Disciplinarian, Teacher, Cop, Employer, Doctor/Nurse, and especially Auntie Kim –  THIS IS MY FAVORITE!  Note, that under NO circumstances will I play a physically submissive role at any time, however verbal sparring in the beginning of your fantasy is acceptable. There are NO exceptions.

MOMMY/AUNTIE – for those who know who you are, come to Mommy, you have been a bad boy, and if I cannot straighten you out, I am going to send you to Auntie, and she knows how to take care of bad boys like you.

DOCTOR/NURSE – for those who need what I prescribe, My examination table awaits those who can pass my physical. Click here to learn more.

DOMINA – Mommy couldn’t straighten you out? Auntie couldn’t either. Nurse Kim found you healthy,  now kneel, crawl, beg for mercy – .where’s My whip?

WORSHIP – Adoration of my long, powerful legs may be a true treat for you.  The privilege of kissing, sucking, and licking my strap on, my heels, shoes, and My whip or other device may be allowed to fulfill this raging need in you,  – so wet your lips now.

SPANKING – Another favorite of mine!!  Over the knee by hand or hairbrush, flagellation, paddling, canning, hand strapping.  Domestic Discipline or Corporal.

BONDAGE – Leather or rope, sitting, standing, kneeling, free style or equipment.

DILDO TRAINING – All size strap-on’s and hand helds. I have a Dildo Drill, Fucksall – Grins wickedly, so may choices, so little time.

FETISHISM – Leather, latex, PVC, boots, stilettos, platforms, silk, corsets, tickling, stockings, slips, garters – .the list goes on and on.  Politely inquire if it is not listed.  I DO NOT INVOLVE MYSELF IN ANY ILLEGAL ACTIVITY, NO SCAT, WATER SPORTS, BLOOD PLAY. There is much that I do, but I do have my hard limits, and you will respect them just as I will respect yours.

SMOKING – Although I am a non smoker, I do enjoy using that filthy mouth as an ashtray, it amuses me. Do you adore the sultry look of a woman smoking as the smoke curls from her ruby lips?

FEET – Ahhh, the foot fetishist. Size 11, slender and always well pedicured and always ready to be worshiped.

SPECIALTY STOCKINGS, GIRDLES, CORSETS, GARTERS – A real fetishist appreciates the subtlety of stockings with a reinforced toe and heel, high quality denier, pantyhose, fishnets.  I have a collection of vintage style girdles and slips, perfect for Auntie.

COUPLES – You may be two submissives, or Dom/sub, or switch. You may want to bring in your submissive to me and have me discipline them under your guidance. My experience and collection of ‘toys’ is available to you.  My space is available if you wish to play alone, although I will be present in another room, your privacy assured.

TELEPHONE, EMAIL AND DISTANCE TRAINING – This is instructional, disciplinary, and guidance training, NOT sexual.

ADULT BABY -AB/DL   I have cloth diapers, pins, rubber pants, bottles, toys, powder to name a few.  This is becoming a new specialty for me, which I am  enjoying immensely, so my collection is growing. Click here to learn more.

LADIES DAY OUT – I can take you shopping, we can go out for the afternoon or evening while you are dressed.  I have a custom limousine  and driver at my disposal. This is not my hourly rate.

OFFICE VISITS – I will be dressed in corporate attire, my brief case in hand, and ready to prepare you for your next client meeting.  If you are unfocused, I will get you in ‘that right space’ quickly.  After all, your job depends on it.