The Matriarch

you are unfocused, you have lost yourself, you are uncensored. The fact that you recognize this, is in your favor. We go along our daily path with no thought as to the consequences. Well, it is time for all your bad actions and thoughts to be accounted for. Domestic Discipline is a guideline for your sanity, you crave it… you NEED it.

Domestic Discipline is varied. It can take on many different roles, some are scripted, some are not.

But in essence, the one true remaining factor, is that correction is needed.

I have a room set aside for this. I believe that discipline should be in a more domestic setting. The space I have for this is My office/living room. This room accommodates, My glass top office desk, couch, and school desk, along with blackboard.

Among the different roles I play in this room, are the Teacher/student, Auntie/nephew, Mommy/son, Boss/employee, Wife/husband.

ladykim-2015-01I am a patient, understanding and skilled Disciplinarian, and I WILL elicit proper behavior from you. This could include the following: corner time, verbal and physical humiliation, face slapping, hair pulling, spitting, interrogation, washing mouth with soap, scolding.

The more corporal way of getting your attention may be: Over the knee (OTK) spanking, caning, crops, wooden or leather paddles, wooden hair brush (My favorite). You may be taken over My firm lap and be spanked harshly, strapped to My spanking bench, bent over My high backed leather chair… or I may put you in one of many positions to await your punishment.

I am quite creative.

These are all scripted scenes, let Me not fail to mention the very basic need for Behavior Modification.

Behavior Modification is non scripted. You are who you are. You understand that you are in need of some structure. Let’s face it, we all go through life with the boundaries we impose upon ourselves. Some of us deviate from them, in varying degrees. That’s where I come in.

You will come to Me, confide in Me what you have done wrong, what you are ashamed about. I shall work with you to make sure you learn and remember your place. W/we shall discuss your behavioral problems in detail, then, decide on the appropriate punishment, and the changes you need to incorporate.