What I’m missing most

What I’m missing most. I know it’s only be 2 or more weeks since we all can’t go out and play like we want to, what is it that you miss most? Are you missing the fact that you can’t sneak away undetected? Are you missing your work colleagues? Maybe you miss traveling for work, you have a Domme in every port? I miss my manicures and pedicures, I miss my monthly massage, I miss my gym, a web cam is fine, but there’s nothing like ‘good ol hands on”, am I right boys? My plugging you is sure different than you plugging yourself! HAHAHA I guess I miss that too!


Now that we are all in lockdown and taking all sorts of precautions, we need to occupy ourselves. What are you doing that is productive? Working out more, learning a new craft, enjoying a hobby, spending quality time with family, having lots of sex?

Or are you thinking about lots of sex? Getting on the internet, porn surfing, yanking it? I think that’s what most of you are doing since my phone is blowing up! GO WORK OUT…….. then call me….. lol