I hope all you naughty boys (boi’s) and girls are working out, you had better stay in shape.  Getting up and down off my floor can be taxing to say the least, you  all know how I can put you through your paces.  I’ve read that in this current situation , most will gain 15 pounds!  That had better not be the case for you.  Perhaps I shall add personal training to my list of session interests.  Some of you have already been on the other end of my strap as you are doing squats, you know who you are.   I have the weights, I have the means, so I suggest you start focusing on behavior modification during this ‘lockdown’.   you can bet your Mistress is working out, my swinging arm will  be in perfect working order when you return.  My legs tighter than ever for you to worship, if you earn it.  The best part of  a virtual workout……..no bra!!