I will begin blogging again, I’m in the mood.
Is there some subject you would like to read in my blog? I will be taking suggestions for my next chat, what do you wish to talk about. Well, I talk you listen. Send me a very polite and brief email for me to consider.



For example, you might recognize that you’re smart but realize it would be absurd to call yourself all-knowing – especially when the scope of human knowledge is so vast. This is an honest and sober view of your shortcomings.


As the philosopher Jason Baehr has argued, “To be humble is to be attentive to and disposed to ‘own’ one’s limitations, weaknesses, and mistakes. A humble person does not ignore, avoid, or try to deny his limits or deficiencies.”

Humility and Matriarchy

Humility can sometimes be confused with low self-esteem, low confidence or meekness.


But researchers have come to realize that being humble generally indicates the presence of deeply admirable personal qualities. It means you have the ability to accurately assess your deficiencies without denying your skills and strengths.

one who knew

Humility and Matriarchy

Are you a spineless wimp or a strong self assured male?  What does humility mean to you? Are you embarrassed by your desire to serve  Women or do you feel empowered by your desire to serve Women?  Do you find spirituality in serving or is it just a game for you?  In my over 25 years of having men submit to me, professionally as well as personally I have pondered these questions and more.  Let’s talk…….


Let’s start talking about a Matriarchal society.  It has been my experience that those  of you that visit  me are totally on board with this. I have found in My many years as a Domme is that males that have grown up in a Matriarchal ruled household are the best candidates for service or for owning.  you are the most pleasant to be around and make me smile.  I’m not talking about a ‘doormat’ here, not by a long shot, I’m talking about knowing and embracing who you are.


I hope all you naughty boys (boi’s) and girls are working out, you had better stay in shape.  Getting up and down off my floor can be taxing to say the least, you  all know how I can put you through your paces.  I’ve read that in this current situation , most will gain 15 pounds!  That had better not be the case for you.  Perhaps I shall add personal training to my list of session interests.  Some of you have already been on the other end of my strap as you are doing squats, you know who you are.   I have the weights, I have the means, so I suggest you start focusing on behavior modification during this ‘lockdown’.   you can bet your Mistress is working out, my swinging arm will  be in perfect working order when you return.  My legs tighter than ever for you to worship, if you earn it.  The best part of  a virtual workout……..no bra!!

What I’m missing most

What I’m missing most. I know it’s only be 2 or more weeks since we all can’t go out and play like we want to, what is it that you miss most? Are you missing the fact that you can’t sneak away undetected? Are you missing your work colleagues? Maybe you miss traveling for work, you have a Domme in every port? I miss my manicures and pedicures, I miss my monthly massage, I miss my gym, a web cam is fine, but there’s nothing like ‘good ol hands on”, am I right boys? My plugging you is sure different than you plugging yourself! HAHAHA I guess I miss that too!


Now that we are all in lockdown and taking all sorts of precautions, we need to occupy ourselves. What are you doing that is productive? Working out more, learning a new craft, enjoying a hobby, spending quality time with family, having lots of sex?

Or are you thinking about lots of sex? Getting on the internet, porn surfing, yanking it? I think that’s what most of you are doing since my phone is blowing up! GO WORK OUT…….. then call me….. lol

Florida boys

Oh how I have been enjoying all these bottoms! Paddling, poking, prodding and just admiring the shades of pink, red and purple.  Feeling the weight across my lap, the squirming, the cries and begging….I am having too much fun!

Boston here I come

Heading back to lovely Massachusetts after spending 5 months in Florida.  I have enjoyed disciplining, spanking, flogging, correcting, teasing, denying and coddling all these naughty southerners, snowbirds, and travelers.  May pop down once or twice this summer, so keep an eye out!